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binary-1607161_1920Digital marketing is experiencing a transformative shift to automated, personalized marketing and prescriptive,

machine learning recommendation engines. Wire Stone is a leading provider of integrating marketing solutions and

experiences, maintaining client relationships that span many years and, in some cases, decades.

Wire Stone is uniquely qualified to assist marketing leaders and decision makers at every level of the various

industries we work with: technology, telecommunications, automotive, aeronautics, sports retail, financial, and others.

We’re a unique mix of strategists, creatives, programmers, data analysts, engineers and architects—obsessed with the

art and science of crafting integrated approaches and optimizing meaningful connections that few agencies can match.

And we’re having a blast doing it.


Wire Stone’s Data Science team provides intelligence products and services to some of the world’s largest and most

innovative companies. In addition to great customers and great data, Wire Stone’s Data Science team has focused on

hiring the best talent available. The Data Science team has created a challenging and stimulating work environment

that is producing industry-leading intelligence solutions.

Characteristics of some of our Data Science projects include:

• Integrated cross-discipline marketing science strategy and planning

• Multi-channel, multi-tier analytics

• Complex, multi-touch campaign attribution

• Qualitative, experimentation and testing data sets

• A/B/n testing, behavioral targeting and personalization programs

• “Voice of the Customer” qualitative data analysis

• Integrated site, mobile, mobile optimized, mobile App, and social analytics

• Adobe Analytics, Microsoft Digital Analytics, Tealium, SiteCore tools, data mining and more

• Ensighten, Tealium and other tag management systems

• Focused on innovation and reinvention—never settle and question everything



Wire Stone is seeking a Data Science Engineer who can break down and solve complex problems, drive analytics

towards future state frameworks, and build flexible analytics solutions that optimize for scale, time-to-delivery, and

cost within a rapidly growing set of clients and needs.

The tools, code and methodologies that the candidate builds will have an immediate impact on client capabilities to

understand the client’s digital marketing environment and performance against client goals. These solutions will be

the cornerstone of client strategic business decision making.

The successful candidate knows and loves working with data engineering tools and programing languages; is

comfortable accessing, integrating and working with data from multiple sources; and can partner with internal

stakeholders to help drive business, client and project objectives.

This is a visible role, and offers an opportunity to help enable business-critical decisions that will increase campaign

effectiveness, content engagement, customer consideration, and ultimately client revenue and ROI.

The positions open can be located at any of Wire Stone’s main offices: Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, Boise, Fort

Collins, Chicago or New York City.





• Support, program and implement analyst-created solution design documents / variable maps

• Translate requirements into specifications and perform iterative testing to validate technical designs

• Write, modify, test, and de-bug analytics tags and code using JavaScript, JQuery, tag management and other


• Collaborate with Strategy and Technology teams to implement campaign and other tagging requirements for

websites, mobile optimized sites, mobile apps, multi-channel marketing solutions, and other environments

(including the use of and integration with vendor APIs and SDKs)

• Resolve tracking issues (bugs, enhancements) with Technology teams as needed

• Create implementation guides, testing guides, site audits, and supporting documentation as required

• Assist in the evaluation and implementation of third-party solutions and tools

• Understand high-level business objectives and work with the Data Science and Technology leadership teams

to evolve the organizational roadmap to the immediate and anticipated needs of the business

• Respond to high priority requests from Wire Stone client leadership teams

• Learn and understand the broad range of Wire Stone’s client data resources, and know when, how and what

to use and not use

• Manage and execute entire projects or components of large projects from start to finish, including project

management, requirements and data gathering, data transformation and manipulation, data integration,

problem solving, and communication of insights and recommendations


• Bachelor’s or advanced degree in economics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related field—or

equivalent experience

• Two-plus years of experience writing and implementing web and mobile scripting languages, specifically

JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML5

• Two-plus years of relevant experience in a data engineering role, including designing and implementing

solutions for multiple analytics tools and environments

• Experience working with and implementing digital analytics and optimization tools, e.g., Adobe Analytics

(Omniture), Google Analytics, WebTrends Analytics, Microsoft Digital Analytix, SiteCore, etc.

• Experience with and certification in one or more tag management systems, e.g., Tealium, Ensighten

• Experience with statistical scripting languages and packages is a plus, e.g., R, Python

• Experience with SQL programming as a component of analytics solutions is a plus

• Experience working in Agile working environments

• Verbal and written communication and data presentation skills, including ability to succinctly summarize key

findings and effectively communicate with both business and technical teams

• Ability to balance and prioritize multiple conflicting requirements with high attention to detail

• Interest in helping the Data Science and Technology teams develop and expand highly competitive data

engineering capabilities, solutions and services





The last word is ‘culture’.

We are Wire Stone. We connect ideas and people using a combination of art, science and maybe a little magic. Wire is

connection. Stone is substance.

We believe in what we build and we create work we are proud to stand behind.

We consider the client’s point of view and treat their challenges as our own.

We have the courage to question and are relentless in the pursuit of understanding and meaningful exchange.

We champion creativity, innovation and invention and cultivate our collective imagination.

We invest our hearts and minds into our work and collaborate with clients to achieve and exceed collective goals.

We support, stand by, and help each other through trials and triumphs, building and optimizing on our learnings.

We elevate everyday interactions and make conversations—with each other and with clients—worth having.

Be a part of our conversations.


Contact with your resume.


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