Web Analytics v/s Digital Analytics

Web Analytics and Digital Analytics are quite often used interchangeably.  I have been asked, by my students and some clients, about the difference in these two, so I decided to write this short post to clarify the terms.

As you can see from the Google Trends graph, Google searches for “Digital Analytics” were nonexistent till Web Analytics Association changed its name to Digital Analytics Association. Since then the term “Digital Analytics” has started to pick up.

In early days of internet, companies started to analyze website data such as users, visitors, visits, page views etc. and the term used to describe this analysis was called “ Web Analytics”.

Then came other forms of online (digital channels) such as email, search, social, mobile etc. and increasingly Digital Analytics folks were including this data and analysis of all these channels to provide a complete view of the “Digital” channels, marketing and customers. To fully include the scope of work of “Web Analysts” a new term “Digital Analytics” was coined.

“Web Analytics” companies like WebTrends, Omniture (now Adobe), Google Analytics etc. also started including data from other online channels and transformed from Web Analytics tools to Digital Analytics tools.

When I was on the board of “Web Analytics Association” from 2009 – 2011, we had several discussions regarding the name of the association. The general consensus was that our members were doing much more than traditional “Web Analytics” and association needs to change the name and scope to include the changing role of “Web Analytics”. Association finally changed the name to “Digital Analytics Association” on March 5th, 2012.

So back to the original question – What is the difference between Web Analytics and Digital Analytics?

Web Analytics is analysis of the website data.

Digital Analytics includes analysis of data from all digital channels that includes websites. Data from search, display advertising, social, email, mobile etc. is included to provide a complete view of the digital marketing and customers.

Though usage of Digital Analytics is picking up, “Web Analytics” is still searched more often than “Digital Analytics” as shown in the following Google Trends chart

Become A Digital Analyst in 3 Weeks and Start A New Career

career-111932_960_720Digital Analytics is a hot field. It is a field in data analysis that does not require coding or technical expertise. You can be a Digital or Marketing analyst in just 3 weeks.  This class is taught by Anil Batra.  Anil is a well known leader in the Digital Analytics and has developed and taught courses at various universities. He makes sure that every students gets the most of this course and helps them in career development.

Classes are held 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST on Monday, Wed and Friday for 3 weeks.  At the end of week 3rd you will be ready to work on real problems. This course builds on what you will learn in theory from courses such as University of British Columbia’s Digital Analytics course or other university courses.

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Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
  • What is Digital Analytics
  • Digital Analytics Process
  • Define goals and KPIs
  • Collecting Data
  • How Web Analytics Works
  • Analyzing the data
  • Presenting the data
  • Tools of the trade
  • Google Analytics
  • Configuring the tool
  • Pulling the data for analysis
  • Hands on Project with a real case
  • Preparing the reports
  • Story telling
  • Presenting the data
  • Finding the job – resume tips and support

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Data Science Engineer at Wire Stone – Contract

binary-1607161_1920Digital marketing is experiencing a transformative shift to automated, personalized marketing and prescriptive,

machine learning recommendation engines. Wire Stone is a leading provider of integrating marketing solutions and

experiences, maintaining client relationships that span many years and, in some cases, decades.

Wire Stone is uniquely qualified to assist marketing leaders and decision makers at every level of the various

industries we work with: technology, telecommunications, automotive, aeronautics, sports retail, financial, and others.

We’re a unique mix of strategists, creatives, programmers, data analysts, engineers and architects—obsessed with the

art and science of crafting integrated approaches and optimizing meaningful connections that few agencies can match.

And we’re having a blast doing it.


Wire Stone’s Data Science team provides intelligence products and services to some of the world’s largest and most

innovative companies. In addition to great customers and great data, Wire Stone’s Data Science team has focused on

hiring the best talent available. The Data Science team has created a challenging and stimulating work environment

that is producing industry-leading intelligence solutions.

Characteristics of some of our Data Science projects include:

• Integrated cross-discipline marketing science strategy and planning

• Multi-channel, multi-tier analytics

• Complex, multi-touch campaign attribution

• Qualitative, experimentation and testing data sets

• A/B/n testing, behavioral targeting and personalization programs

• “Voice of the Customer” qualitative data analysis

• Integrated site, mobile, mobile optimized, mobile App, and social analytics

• Adobe Analytics, Microsoft Digital Analytics, Tealium, SiteCore tools, data mining and more

• Ensighten, Tealium and other tag management systems

• Focused on innovation and reinvention—never settle and question everything



Wire Stone is seeking a Data Science Engineer who can break down and solve complex problems, drive analytics

towards future state frameworks, and build flexible analytics solutions that optimize for scale, time-to-delivery, and

cost within a rapidly growing set of clients and needs.

The tools, code and methodologies that the candidate builds will have an immediate impact on client capabilities to

understand the client’s digital marketing environment and performance against client goals. These solutions will be

the cornerstone of client strategic business decision making.

The successful candidate knows and loves working with data engineering tools and programing languages; is

comfortable accessing, integrating and working with data from multiple sources; and can partner with internal

stakeholders to help drive business, client and project objectives.

This is a visible role, and offers an opportunity to help enable business-critical decisions that will increase campaign

effectiveness, content engagement, customer consideration, and ultimately client revenue and ROI.

The positions open can be located at any of Wire Stone’s main offices: Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, Boise, Fort

Collins, Chicago or New York City.





• Support, program and implement analyst-created solution design documents / variable maps

• Translate requirements into specifications and perform iterative testing to validate technical designs

• Write, modify, test, and de-bug analytics tags and code using JavaScript, JQuery, tag management and other


• Collaborate with Strategy and Technology teams to implement campaign and other tagging requirements for

websites, mobile optimized sites, mobile apps, multi-channel marketing solutions, and other environments

(including the use of and integration with vendor APIs and SDKs)

• Resolve tracking issues (bugs, enhancements) with Technology teams as needed

• Create implementation guides, testing guides, site audits, and supporting documentation as required

• Assist in the evaluation and implementation of third-party solutions and tools

• Understand high-level business objectives and work with the Data Science and Technology leadership teams

to evolve the organizational roadmap to the immediate and anticipated needs of the business

• Respond to high priority requests from Wire Stone client leadership teams

• Learn and understand the broad range of Wire Stone’s client data resources, and know when, how and what

to use and not use

• Manage and execute entire projects or components of large projects from start to finish, including project

management, requirements and data gathering, data transformation and manipulation, data integration,

problem solving, and communication of insights and recommendations


• Bachelor’s or advanced degree in economics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related field—or

equivalent experience

• Two-plus years of experience writing and implementing web and mobile scripting languages, specifically

JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML5

• Two-plus years of relevant experience in a data engineering role, including designing and implementing

solutions for multiple analytics tools and environments

• Experience working with and implementing digital analytics and optimization tools, e.g., Adobe Analytics

(Omniture), Google Analytics, WebTrends Analytics, Microsoft Digital Analytix, SiteCore, etc.

• Experience with and certification in one or more tag management systems, e.g., Tealium, Ensighten

• Experience with statistical scripting languages and packages is a plus, e.g., R, Python

• Experience with SQL programming as a component of analytics solutions is a plus

• Experience working in Agile working environments

• Verbal and written communication and data presentation skills, including ability to succinctly summarize key

findings and effectively communicate with both business and technical teams

• Ability to balance and prioritize multiple conflicting requirements with high attention to detail

• Interest in helping the Data Science and Technology teams develop and expand highly competitive data

engineering capabilities, solutions and services





The last word is ‘culture’.

We are Wire Stone. We connect ideas and people using a combination of art, science and maybe a little magic. Wire is

connection. Stone is substance.

We believe in what we build and we create work we are proud to stand behind.

We consider the client’s point of view and treat their challenges as our own.

We have the courage to question and are relentless in the pursuit of understanding and meaningful exchange.

We champion creativity, innovation and invention and cultivate our collective imagination.

We invest our hearts and minds into our work and collaborate with clients to achieve and exceed collective goals.

We support, stand by, and help each other through trials and triumphs, building and optimizing on our learnings.

We elevate everyday interactions and make conversations—with each other and with clients—worth having.

Be a part of our conversations.


Contact support@optizent.com with your resume.


Senior Digital Analytics Specialist at Consumer Reports in Yonkers, New York

6f3a6e23cd876c430794a984ec399507This individual will drive business value and improved measurement and analytic capabilities, supporting the strategic measurement design and measurement infrastructure, for Consumer Reports portfolio of sites and mobile products. This position will be responsible for developing, managing, maintaining, and supporting the web analytics infrastructure, data collection, site tracking tactics, tools and technical process integration. As the resident technical web analytics expert, the individual in this role will work closely with key business stakeholders and internal technical teams/developers to identify, implement, and test solutions needed to measure and monitor web related projects and initiatives that drive business growth.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for defining and developing technical requirements related to web data collection, measurement and reporting.  This includes gathering and documenting business, technical and reporting requirements that drive the metrics architecture for enterprise implementations.
  • Serve as the web data steward responsible for maintaining data accuracy, proper use and interpretation. Consult on projects and new initiatives, creating proper measurement design and tracking tactics that are feasible and practical.
  • Partner with IT and web development teams to ensure seamless process integration from a measurement design and site tagging perspective.  Validate and debug implementation and follow up on issues until resolved.
  • In partnership with the Analytics team, handle the business relationship with primary web analytics vendors (Adobe) and ensure that reporting and analytic capabilities are maximized.
  • Continuously improve data capture and analytic capabilities to create a competitive advantage. Stay abreast of the web and digital space measurement and analytic techniques to continually provide insightful and forward thinking measurement strategies and data capture tactics.
  • Collaborate with Analytics team to translate data output into meaningful, actionable and impactful information that can effectively contribute to our digital properties KPIs, traffic, P&L, and other measures of success.

Qualifications Include:

  • Bachelor’s degree required with 5+ years web analytic experience with focus on measurement design and analytic tool implementation (Adobe Analytics [Omniture Site Catalyst], Google Analytics [GAP], Coremetrics, etc.).
  • Ability to define and translate business requirements into technical requirements, code, and specifications across all digital media platforms.
  • Hands-on experience in modifying and maintaining Adobe Analytics configuration files using JavaScript and custom plugins.
  • Fluent in debugger tools; excellent attention to detail
  • Technical acumen and experience with internet technologies (HTML, Javascript, Flash, AJAX, etc.).
  • Strong project management skills and strong analytic skills.
  • Experience in implementing web analytics with Adobe CQ or similar content management system, with eCommerce experience a plus.
  • Familiarity with business intelligence and reporting tools (Tableau, Business Objects, etc.) and A/B testing tools (Optimizely, Adobe Test & Target, etc.).


Areas of Expertise:

  • Digital analytics solution design and code implementation
  • Adobe Reports and Analytics (Omniture/SiteCatalyst)
  • Ad Hoc Analysis (Discover)
  • Data Warehouse
  • Report Builder
  • Processing Rules
  • SAINT Classifications / Classification Rule Builder
  • Adobe Site Catalyst Segmentation
  • Google Analytics
  • Tag Management: Google Tag Manager (GTM), Tealium, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)
  • Debuggers and packet sniffers: CharlesProxy, HTTP Scoop
  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML5.
  • JIRA

Success Criteria:

  • Data-driven, fact-based and consumer-focused with a commitment to continuous learning and development
  • Identifies new possibilities for innovation, revenue growth, and social impact
  • Leverages knowledge of the competitive landscape, marketplace trends, best practices and technology to improve CR’s ability to compete, keeps current on external trends and developments and inspires colleagues to do same
  • Translates goals, priorities and key information into simple, impactful messages and persuades and influences others through compelling communications and clear rationale
  • Shares vision and priorities with all stakeholders and invests time to ensure stakeholder understanding and buy-in

Apply at http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/careers/position/index.htm?id=2699

SENIOR IMPLEMENTATION CONSULTANT at Cardinal Path – Chicago or Vancouver

Cardinal Path is a leading digital analytics and digital marketing firm focused on delivering insight, understanding and outcomes that create competitive advantage for our clients.  We engage at the strategic, business, and technical levels to generate tangible and quantifiable value for our partners.cardinal-path-logo
At the highest level this position is responsible for supporting and championing the analytic needs of our clients by providing high quality web analytics implementations, analysis, and training for clickstream tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Webtrends, and IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics / Unica).

Job Description

  • Evaluate business goals and objectives from multiple business teams and develop tracking/tagging strategies to allow individuals and teams to measure success
  • Consult directly with clients and/or their agencies on projects requiring web analytics platform selection, implementation, platform remediation, and dashboard development.
  • Work with client development teams to install, configure & use web analytics services such as Google Analytics or Adobe Marketing Cloud.
  • Able to lead a team with site tag implementation, custom rules development and leverage data layer elements for analysis through best-in class Tag Management Solution platforms such as Google Tag Manager, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, Tealium, Ensighten, Signal, and others.
  • Serve as the primary lead on the development of implementation documentation for client developers that details page code requirements and data layer details to support stated business analysis needs.
  • Perform quality assurance tests and apply best-in-class practices to determine the validity of data flowing from implemented tags on client’s analytics implementation
  • Assist with tracking and improving the results of clients marketing campaigns
  • Provide best practices consulting services to clients in solving their Web analytics platform strategy and technical needs.
  • Manage the building, reporting and analysis of A/B and multivariate tests
  • Partner with multiple business units within the client’s organization as well as outside the company to ensure that best practices in metrics and decision making are being exposed to the client management and core website decision makers.
  • Conduct platform training and knowledge sharing in web analytics for clients and the project team
  • Serve as primary technical lead to client developers, be able to lead client discussions and ensure alignment on project with both the client team and internally.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification OR Adobe Certified Expert
  • Minimum 2 years on-the-job experience implementing web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with web development
  • Strong understanding of HTML and web protocols
  • Advanced JavaScript skills
  • Experience with at least one Tag Management Solution such as Google Tag Manager, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, Ensighten, Signal, or Tealium
  • Comfortable presenting findings and providing training on analytics tool usage
  • Strong English communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Proficient with tag auditing tools such as Fiddler, Charles, ObservePoint, WASP
  • Experience with dashboard platforms such as Klipfolio, Tableau, or Domo
  • Experience with iOS and Android SDKs for mobile platform analytics deployment

What will make you stand out:

  • Experience with iOS and Android app development
  • Experience using Google or Adobe API’s to insert and extract data
  • Experience with SQL-based queries (PHP, MySQL or other), flat-file handling through programmatic code, and ETL tools
  • Experience with analysis and visualization platforms such as Tableau, Qlikview, etc
  • Team leadership / technical skills mentoring / management experience

Our Company

We are a fast-growing, leading marketing company with offices in the U.S. and Canada. We offer our employees competitive wages, flexible benefits, an awesome culture and the satisfaction of seeing a positive impact on our clients’ bottom line.

Digital Analytics Manager in San Francisco, CA

downloadWorking with a global creative agency you will be overseeing the development of data-driven marketing insight and optimization for multiple clients across online display advertising, search marketing, social media, site analytics and consumer insights.


  • Team management: manage analyst(s) to insure they are delivering actionable insights to clients whilst developing a career path for growth
  • Work efficiently with clients and analytics partners to define, extract, and synthesize available data and share results and insight with team members
  • Draw actionable insights to support in-market campaign optimization
  • Analyze scenarios to assess the before/after impacts of target market selection, media choice and allocation on client’s business performance
  • Assist with developing and measuring marketing stimuli (A/B and multi-variant) test results in collaboration with brand planning, creative, media, and technology teams to build robust marketing and advertising strategies and in-market programs for clients
  • Present analytical findings and communicate complex concepts to Sr. Client teams and internal teams.


  • Degree required, ideally within Math, Statistics, Economics, Business, Marketing or other quantitative discipline
  • At least 5 years of work experience in a professional services environment: management consulting, market research, advertising, or interactive/technology consulting
  • Experience with web analytics tools likes Google Analytics, Omniture, DART, Radian6
  • Must have a minimum 1 year advertising agency experience.
  • Fluent in using Microsoft Excel for data manipulation, analysis, and charting. Experience automating routine Excel tasks using macros/VBA preferred.
  • Critical thinking – capable of generating consistently accurate, useful reports as well as a enthusiasm for translating data into actionable insight relevant to marketing program objectives
  • Attention to detail and time management to deliver high quality work for multiple projects across several client engagements while meeting deadlines


The successful Digital Analytics Manager can expect a salary of $110,000 – $125,000.


To submit your resume please click “apply now”


Google analytics, web analytics, Hitwise, Insight, Maxymiser, Sitecatalyst, SAS, SQL, R, Python, Omniture, Conversion Optimisation, agency, client, digital analytics, web analyst, digital analyst, gaming, digital marketing analyst, eCommerce, Director, Associate Director.

– See more at: http://www.harnham.com/us/job/digital-analytics-manager-jobid-jp%2fdammla#sthash.2g9wRhJ5.dpuf

Director of Web Analytics by Numeric Jobs Plano, Texas

numeric-llc-squarelogoThe candidate will be a data-driven individual who has strong analytics skills and experience. This position will have a key role in managing business analytics for a high-profile client . This person must work effectively with clients and vendors, potentially manage a team of direct reports, and complete high-quality analytics deliverables to drive digital marketing and social media strategy. Responsibilities include: Build analytics strategy and elevate the analytics platform to achieve a data-driven digital marketing culture Lead the effort to define, measure, and tell the story of our social media impact to determine brand and campaign effectiveness Manage client relationships and serve as the SME for web analytics Create and execute a site optimization plan that includes personalization, behavioral CRM, testing, and targeting Leverage data to gain insight into trending, sentiment levels, user experience and behavior in order to drive the appropriate digital marketing, mobile and social strategies Measure site usability and effectiveness, along with monetization of media campaigns, and present actionable insights and recommendations to executives Manage and mentor a team of web analysts and allocate resource assignments accordingly Data analysis to A/B and multivariate testing results, and ad hoc requests Oversee tag management services and maintain integrity across multiple sources of data Provide direction on integrating disparate sources of data, ultimately setting the blueprint to develop a central BI solution Partner with multiple vendors to implement analytics requirements and streamline project processes. Evaluate and recommend digital marketing tools and products. Quality assurance of output developed by the technology teams and validation of web reporting enhancements/changes (data validation, etc.) Perform competitive analysis

Desired Skills Experience Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree required Minimum 6 years of web metrics and/or analytics experience Strong Adobe marketing cloud experience desired (SiteCatalyst, Discover, ReportBuilder, Data Warehouse, Test Target, AudienceManager, etc.)Experience with social media tools, such as Spredfast and Crimson Hexagon a plus Ability to analyze, structure and interpret large quantities of raw data is a must Implementation experience with analytics platforms such as a web reporting tool and tag management software preferred Strong relationship building skills Statistical modeling experience, including attribution modeling and predictive modeling, are desired Experience with business intelligence tools a plus Experience with offline/online data integration is a plus Knowledge of DART for Advertisers (DFA) and JavaScript are a plus Up-to-date with current analytics trends and tools Experience within a business channel (e.g. marketing, business analytics, etc.) desired Expert knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint Critical thinker who can problem solve Excellent communication skills; proven written and oral presentation skills Can multi-task and quickly adapt to changing/conflicting priorities Ability to work independently and is a motivated self-starter Detail-oriented and organized.


Apply at https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/197571505

Digital Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Insights Manager at Amadeus IT Group Madrid Area, Spain

Reporting to the Senior Manager, Digital Communications – Channels and Strategy in Madrid, this role is for an experienced, energetic and talented individual skilled to define and execute web strategy for Amadeus public facing web properties. This encompass: the Amadeus network of websites, the Amadeus Corporate blog, the Amadeus social media channels, microsites and other web technologies that support it.
An ideal candidate will have a broad understanding of all aspects of web management and optimization, including IA, UX/UI, digital content management, CRM, Marketing automation, conversion optimization, A/B and multivariate testing, SEO and analytics.He or she will also have strong project management skills to successfully deliver upon multiple web initiatives simultaneously. This individual should be detail oriented and thorough in their approach to projects and comfortable communicating with cross-functional teams, knowledgeable with the latest trends and advancements in web technology and can confidently provide expert opinions and solutions. In addition to web expertise, this position requires a user-centric mindset, a focus on continuous improvement and a willingness to take risks.

Main responsibilities:


You will be working closely with the Senior Manager to help him define, develop, coordinate and plan strategic projects and programs. You will be required to act as a deputy when needed and to provide vision and strategic direction for the role of digital strategy in the company targeting all Amadeus on-line public facing properties.



The person will be responsible for defining the acquisition and engagement strategies, defining the policies and processes to manage Pay Per Click media strategies effectively for the Amadeus Digital Ecosystem. This will involve providing recommendations and executing strategies for SEO keyword opportunities in a multi-language environment, structuring on-line campaigns in conjunction with marketing teams, defining targeting strategies and other facets (I.e. Marketing automation, Marketing CRM, etc.) of customer acquisition to engage with our audience on-line and increase web lead conversion.


As part of the role, you will be responsible of the delivery of insights to the commercial/marketing teams as well as being the go-to person when it comes to ensuring that the business is well equipped with all of the data and insight needed.
In this role you will need to think quantitatively, analytically and creatively to help achieve business success at Amadeus and to influence effectively through digital insights with stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
Focusing on providing insights to senior stakeholders, the ideal candidate should lead end-to-end web analytics projects from tracking planning, tag implementation and quality assurance to data insights.


Key areas of responsibility:


  • Strategy and delivery of Amadeus online presence: assessing future business, marketing and communication requirements, devising a long-term strategy including the development and implementation of appropriate tools (i.e. web content management, CRM, Marketing automation, etc.).
  • Align to digital strategy and assist overall team to execute digital roadmap.
  • Evaluate technologies and strategies, and execute to support increasing brand/product awareness, further engage web visitors and increase web lead conversion.
  • Work with in-house and external web development teams to develop and launch web projects, enhancements and day to day web operations including: Amadeus network of websites, Amadeus social media channels, the Amadeus blog and other channels that support it.
  • Take lead on all web issues and effectively manage, maintain and publish all public/customer-facing Amadeus websites.
  • Develop & deploy MKTG CRM capabilities globally working closely with IT and internal stakeholders to build and develop the technology infra-structure, analytics platform and other appropriate tools.
  • Drive both campaign strategy and marketing analytics.
  • Leverage insights from clickstream data to drive websites site optimization and decision making across the global organization.
  • Identify business problems, formulate hypotheses, develop analytic plans, conduct the analysis, synthesize conclusions into actionable solutions, and help implement recommendations.
  • Bridge between business teams and technical teams.
  • Focus on multiple websites and support all facets of the decision making platform (clickstream analysis, outcomes analysis, search analysis, multivariate testing analysis).
  • Work closely with internal and external development teams to identify gaps in the data capture strategy and collaboratively implement enhancements.



  • Bachelor’s degree in applicable field.


  • 10+ years of experience supporting web and digital marketing initiatives, including experience with global websites.
  • Experience with web/social analytics, personalization, A/B testing and marketing automation tools/platforms.
  • Experience with CRM analytics, and the measurement of acquisition and retention KPIs.
  • Experience working with popular PPC ad platforms (AdWords, Yahoo, Bing); AdWords / Bing certification a plus.
  • Experience gleaning actionable insights from marketing results datasets.
  • Experience performing campaign measurement across all media channels.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent oral & written communication and presentation skills.
  • Excellent project management skills and commitment to deadlines, processes and policies.
  • Demonstrable understanding of all aspects of web strategy, including but not limited to information architecture, user experience, web design, content strategy, search, conversion optimization, analytics and development.
  • Core database marketing knowledge including understanding of third party marketing data sources, use of transactional client business data, relational database concepts, and direct marketing and CRM concepts.
  • Deep understanding of CMS capabilities, HTML experience including basic CSS preferred.
  • Expert-level knowledge of analytics (as Adobe Marketing Cloud & Google Analytics), tag manager, heat-mapping, and other analytics platforms.
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Photoshop as a plus.

Apply at https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/206544464

Digital Analytics Speakers Required

Do you do Digital Analytics?  Are you interested in talking to future Digital Analysts and provide your thoughts on the field and career in Digital Analytics.  You do not need to be a veteran in the field, we are looking for speakers who have just started their career or have been doing this for years.  If you want to help people get into Digital Analytics then please email us at support@globalanalyticsacademy.com

If you also have a passion to teach a class then please send us a proposal on what you would like to teach along with you resume.


Explore A Career in Digital Analytics

entrepreneur-1562820_1920Digital Analytics is a hot field. You don’t have to learn R or Python or any such technical languages to become a Digital Analyst. We conduct regular webinars to walk you through what a career in Digital Analytics is and how can one become a Digital Analyst.

In this free webinar we will cover topics such as:
1. What is Digital Analytics
2. What Skills are required
3. What kid of education you need (which is pretty much any degree)
4. How to get the required training
5. How to keep learning and growing

If you have any specific questions then feeel free to send us those at support@globalanalyticsacademy.com and we will make sure to answer those in the Webinar. Go ahead and sign up for the latest webinar at